All of That Implicit Memory



 Artist Statement, All of That Implicit Memory, 2017

This series of paintings is a contemplation of what is passed down from generation to generation, mannerisms, traits, or patterns in behaviour; stored in genetics and memory. Following the artist’s maternal lineage, the ten female subjects of these paintings span four generations, related as great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, aunt, daughter, niece, sister and cousin. Each subject was asked to position their hands in the same repeated interlocked gestures. Left hand touches right alluding to connectedness, things hidden and shared, with a personal and implied symbolism.

The title of this work draws from concepts in developmental psychology. Saved from birth, implicit memories inform our mental processes in response to interpersonal experiences. Implicit memory doesn’t bring with it a sense of recollection but surfaces through emotion, impulse, behaviour, perception and bodily sensation. How we make sense of our upbringing and familial relationships, whether consciously or not, influences our perception of self and how we interact with others. This body of work speaks to both the specificity and universality of intergenerational ties and the complexities of attachment relationships.